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<Refereed journal articles>
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<Refereed conference proceedings papers>
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<Other publications>
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<Working papers and work in progess>
  1. Monopolistic Dealer versus Broker: Impact of Proprietary Trading with Transaction Fees (with Y. Tian).
  2. Default Contagion and Systemic Risk in the Financial Market with Credit Default Swap (with T. Suzuki and K. Yagi)
  3. Demand Uncertainty, Product Differentiation, and Entry Timing under Spacial Competition (with T. Ebina and N. Matsushima).
  4. Optimal Initial Capital Induced by Optimized Certainty Equivalent (with T. Arai and T. Asano).
  5. Money Supply, Asset Prices and Interest Rates within a General Equilibrium Framework (with H. Morita).
  6. High Frequency Trading with Asymmetric Information (with Y. Sato).
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