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Current Position:
  Dean, Professor,
Graduate School of Economics,
Hitotsubashi University
  Graduate School of Economics
Hitotsubashi University
186-8601 Kunitachi Tokyo Japan
Phone: +81-(0)42-580-8190
Fax: +81-(0)42-580-8882 / 8195
email: okamuro(at)econ.hit-u.ac.jp
* Please change (at) to @ if you send me an e-mail.
Academic Degrees:
  1984 B.A. in Economics, Hitotsubashi University
1986 M.A. in Economics, Hitotsubashi University
1992 Dr. rer. pol. (Ph.D. in Economics), University of Bonn, Germany
(Supervisor: Prof. Horst Albach)
Teaching and Research Experience:
  1993 – 1998 Lecturer, Faculty of Economics, Hitotsubashi University
1996 Visiting Research Fellow, Japan Centre, University of Birmingham, Uk
1996 – 1998 Visiting Research Fellow, WZB (Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin), Germany
1999 – 2010 Associate Professor, Graduate School of Economics, Hitotsubashi University
2011 Visiting professor, University of Trento, Italy, and Corvinus University, Hungary (Erasmus Mundus Program)
since 2011 Professor, Graduate School of Economics, Hitotsubashi University
since 2011 Visiting research fellow at the National Institute of Science and Technology Policy (NISTEP) of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport, Science and Technology (MEXT)
since 2017 Dean, Graduate School of Economics and Faculty of Economics, Hitotsubashi University
Teaching Fields:
  Industrial Organization (both undergraduate and graduate courses)
Introductory Economics
Basic Microeconomics
Current Research Interests:
  Economics of entrepreneurship and small business; innovation; R&D; policy evaluation
Selected Publications in English:
  (See also Hiroyuki Okamuro in Google Scholar Citations)
"Risk Sharing in the Supplier Relationship: New Evidence from the Japanese Automotive Industry", Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 45-4, 2001, 361-381.
"The Impact of Regional Factors on the Startup Ratio in Japan" (with Nobuo Kobayashi), Journal of Small Business Management, 44-2, 2006, 310-313.
"Determinants of Successful R&D Cooperation of the Japanese Small Businesses: The Impact of Organizational and Contractual Characteristics",Research Policy 36, 2007, 1529-1544.
"How Different Are the Regional Factors of High-tech and Low-tech Start-ups? Evidence from Japanese Manufacturing Industries", International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal 4, 2008, 199-215.
“R&D productivity and the organization of cluster policy: An empirical evaluation of the Industrial Cluster Project in Japan” (with J. Nishimura),Journal of Technology Transfer 36, 2010, 117-144.
“Does ownership matter in mergers? A comparative study of the causes and consequences of mergers by family and non-family firms” (with J. W. Shim), Journal of Banking and Finance 35, 2011, 193-203.
“Subsidy and networking: the effects of direct and indirect support programs in the cluster policy” (with J. Nishimura), Research Policy 40, 2011, 714-727.
“Determinants of R&D cooperation in Japanese start-ups” (with M. Kato and Y. Honjo), Research Policy 40, 2011, 728-738.
“Effects of regional human capital structure on business entry: a comparison of independent start-ups and new subsidiaries in different industries” (with K. Ikeuchi), in: M. Raposo, D. Smallbone, K. Balaton, and L. Hortovanyi (eds.), Entrepreneurship, Growth and Economic Development (Frontiers in European Entrepreneurship Research 23), 2011, 118-153.
“Impact of university intellectual property policy on the performance of university-industry research collaboration” (with J. Nishimura), Journal of Technology Transfer 38, 2013, 273-301.
“R&D investment of start-up firms: does founders’ human capital matter?” (with Y. Honjo and M. Kato), Small Business Economics 42, 2014, 207-220.
“Does founders’ human capital matter for innovation? Evidence from Japanese start-ups” (with M. Kato and Y. Honjo), Journal of Small Business Management 53, 2014, 114-128.
“Bridging the cultural divide: Trust formation in university-industry research collaborations in the US, Japan, and South Korea” (with M. Hemmert and L. Bstieler), Technovation 34, 2014, 605-616.
“Not just financial support? Another role of public subsidy in university-industry research collaborations” (with J. Nishimura), Economics of Innovation and New Technology 24, 2015, 633-659.
“Local management of national cluster policies: Comparative case studies of Japanese, German, and French biotechnology clusters” (with J. Nishimura), Administrative Sciences 5, 2015, 213-239.
“Knowledge and rent spillovers through government-sponsored R&D consortia” (with J. Nishimura), Science and Public Policy 43, 2016, 207-225.
“Determinants of academic startups’ orientation toward international business expansion” (with S. Suzuki), Administrative Sciences 7, 2016.
“Work-life balance and gender differences in self-employment income during the start-up stage in Japan” (with K. Ikeuchi), International Review of Entrepreneurship 15, 2017, 107-130.
“Whose business is your project? A comparative study of different subsidy policy schemes for collaborative R&D” (with J. Nishimura), Technological Forecasting and Social Change 127, 2018, 85-96.
“Internal and external discipline: The effect of project leadership and government monitoring on the performance of publicly funded R&D consortia” (with J. Nishimura), Research Policy 47, 2018, 840-853.
“Multilevel policy governance and territorial adaptability: evidence from Japanese SME innovation programmes” (with J. Nishimura and F. Kitagawa), Regional Studies, 2018, forthcoming.
Research Projects:
  * National Projects
21st Century Center of Excellence (COE) Program "Normative Evaluation and Social Choice of Contemporary Economics Systems", funded by JSPS (subgroup leader for corporate and technology system research), 2003-2007.
Global Center of Excellence (COE) Program "Research Unit for Statistical and Empirical Analysis in Social Sciences" (subgroup for micro analysis), 2008-2012.
JSPS Kakenhi Basic Research C (No. 13630135) "Strategic Alliances by Small Firms and their Performances" (project leader), 2001-2002.
JSPS Kakenhi Basic Research C (No. 16530147) "Empirical Research on the Economics Effects of Inter-firm and University-Industry Cooperative R&D by Small Businesses" (project leader), 2004-2005.
JSPS Kakenhi Basic Research A (No. 18203022) "Dynamic Analysis of Corporate Governance in Japan and East Asia" (project member), 2006-2008.
JSPS Kakenhi Basic Research A (No. 20243018) "Quantitative and Qualitative Study on the Life Cycle and Innovation of R&D Intensive Firms" (project leader), 2008-2011.
JSPS Research Project of Empirical Social Sciences "Design of the Industrial and Financial Networks for Sustainable Development" (subgroup leader), 2008-2012.
JSPS Kakenhi Basic Research B (No. 15H03342) “Evaluation and Design of Local Innovation Support Systems Based on Microeconometrics” (project leader), 2015-2017.
RIETI (Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry) project “Engine of Firm Growth” (project member), 2016-2017.
JSPS Kakenhi Basic Research A (No. 17H00984) “Intellectual Property Right and Competition” (project member), 2017-2010.

* International Projects
Volkswagen Foundation (Germany), "The Determinants, Organization, and Outcomes of University-Industry Interaction in Innovation Systems: A Comparison among Germany, the United States, Japan and South Korea", 2007-2011.
Membership in Academic Associations:
  Japanese Economic Association (JEA)
European Association for Research in Industrial Economics (EARIE)
Japanese affiliate of International Council for Small Business (JICSB): vice president since 2012
Asia Council for Small Business (ACSB): vice president since 2013
Japanese Academy of Small Business Studies (JASBS): president since 2016
Business History Society of Japan
Forum for Entrepreneurial Studies: vice president and program chair since 2015