Hitotsubashi Conference

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2-40-15, Akebono-cho, Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo, 190-0012, Japan

TEL: +81-42-527-1111 FAX: +81-42-527-5169
E-Mail: front@palace-t.co.jp

Special Rates (including taxes)
Single Room with breakfast 12,243yen
without breakfast 10,164yen
Double Room with breakfast 20,790yen (for two persons)
without breakfast 16,632yen (for two persons)
Please contact PALACE HOTEL TACHIKAWA to make reservation.
When making reservation, please identify that you are a Hitotsubashi-Conference participant to have the special rate.

TEL: +81-42-527-1111 FAX: +81-42-527-5169
E-Mail: front@palace-t.co.jp

From Narita Intl Airport to Hotel

Three options:
1. Limousine Bus - approx. 150-180 min / 3,500 yen (most recommended)
2. Train: JR Narita Express - approx. 150 min / 4,180 yen
3. Train: JR Narita Express and local train - approx. 180 min / 3,360 yen

1. Limousine Bus

Purchase a ticket at the Bus Counter of Arrival Terminal on the 1st floor. The limousine bus will take you straight to the Hotel.

Departure time
Terminal 1&2: 07:30 / 09:00 / 10:50 /14:50 / 15:50 /16:50 /17:50 /18:50 /20:20

Departure time from the Hotel to Narita Intl Airport
05:05 / 05:50 / 06:50 / 09:50 / 12:20 / 13:50 /15:35 /19:20 / 20:35

2. JR Narita Express

Take a Takao-bound Narita Express train.
Remark: There is only one Narita Express train for Tachikawa every day.
Departure time (Terminal 1): 20:43 / (Terminal 2) 20:45
Get off at JR Tachikawa St. For direction to the hotel, see the map below.

3. JR Narita Express and local train

Take a Narita Express train and get off at Tokyo St.
For departure time, see the site below

When you get off at Tokyo St., transfer to Chuo-line (Track #1or #2). Take either Special Rapid (Tokubetsu Kaisoku) or Rapid (Kaisoku) train. You may take any Special Rapid or Rapid train EXCEPT Musashikoganei-bound train. Get off at JR Tachikawa St. For direction to the hotel, see the map below.

From JR Tachikawa St. to Palace Hotel Tacihkawa

Take the north exit. When you are out, you will find yourself on the second floor. Do not go downstairs, but take the right hand side of a pedestrian bridge on the same floor and walk straight. You will see the Hotel on your left in about three minutes. The reception desk is on the ground floor.

From Hotel to Sano Shoin Hall, Hitotsubashi University

Follow the directions below

1. From Hotel to JR Tachikawa Station (3min walk)

See the map above

Use the exit on the second floor of the Hotel, and walk on a pedestrian bridge toward the Takashimaya Department Store. Walking straight, you will be in front of the north exit of JR Tachikawa St. in about three minutes.

2. From JR Tachikawa St. to JR Kunitachi St. by Chuo Line (3min ride)

Purchase a ticket (130 yen) and take a Tokyo-bound RAPID train (only RAPID train!!). DO NOT take a Special Rapid train which does not stop at Kunitachi. JR Kunitachi St. is a one stop ride by a Rapid train.

3. From JR Kunitachi St. to Sano Shoin Hall (15min walk) map(PDF)

Take the south exit and walk on the right hand side of the University Avenue (Daigaku Dori). You will see the university gate in several minutes, but do not enter the campus there. Walking further down, you will reach the edge of the campus and see the sign "Sano Shoin Hall" on your right. Turn right and walk about a minute. You will see the Hall on your left.

Contact Information

Fax: +81-(0)42-580-8882
E-mail: trade@econ.hit-u.ac.jp