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KOBE, 2006
Program Outline

KOBE UNIVERSITY: Frontier Hall (Back of Campus!!), Rooms 404 & 405

In order to save your precious time, please use our PC only (Windows XP: Power Point 2002, Word, Excel, PDF). Please send in your file to us as soon as possible. For those who are late, please bring your file in a floppy disk, CD, or USB disk.

The last presenter before each break serves as the chair. Please keep strictly within time limits for each presentation. Do NOT start early even if the person scheduled before you does not show up, because people from other sessions may want to listen to your presentation.

Registration and all plenary sessions will be held on the 3rd floor, Presentation Room.

Saturday, July 15, 2006
Time Activities Room 404 Room 405
9:00-9:25 Registration Presentation Room, 3rd floor
9:25-9:30 Welcome
Presentation Room, 3rd floor
Seiichi Katayama

9:30-10:20 Plenary 1
Presentation Room, 3rd floor

Chair: Seiichi Katayama
10:20-10:40 Coffee & Tea
10:40-11:10 A Sessions Chul Chung & Minjae Song:
Preference for cultural goods:
the case of Korea film market
Edwin Lai & Gene Grossman:
Parallel imports and price controls
11:10-11:40 B Sessions Eichi Tomiura:
Foreign versus domestic outsourcing:
firm level evidence on the role of technology
Masao Oda, K. Shimomura & R. Wakasugi:
Welfare Enhancing Direct Investment
11:40-12:10 C Sessions Pao-Li Chang & Myoung-Jae Lee:
Protection for sale under monopolistic competition:
An empirical investigation
Colin Davis:
Communication costs, network externalities, and long-run growth
12:10-14:00 Lunch: Academia Hall, 1st floor
14:00-14:30 D Sessions Hea-Jung Hyun:
Quality of institutions and FDI in developing countries
Kenji Fujiwara & Nobuhito Suga:
Two propositions on the competition policy in a world economy
14:30-15:00 E Sessions
Wei-jen Wen, C.Y. Lin & Y. Chang:
Exchange rate interventions as a strategic policy: evidence from U.S. automobile markets
Yan Ma: Quality goods, trade liberalization, and wage inequality
F Sessions
Kazutaka Takechi: Synergy effects of domestic and international M&A Eden Yu:
Public inputs, rural-urban migration and welfare
Coffee & Tea
G Sessions
Bin Xu:
Technology content of China’s exports
Kullapat Suetrong, A. Guariglia, & A. Mukherjee:
Technological asymmetries and strategic plant location by a multinational
H Sessions
Keiko Ito & Kyoji Fukao:
Does localization determine the profitability of foreign direct investment?
Naoto Jinji:
Intellectual property rights protection, FDI, and process innovation in North-South trade
I Sessions
Kuo-I Chang, K. Hayakawa & Hyun-Hoon Lee:
How do cultural factors affect agricultural trade?
Chisato Shibayama & Yasunori Ishii:
Dumping by firms that produce core goods and incompatible consumables
J Sessions
Toru kikuchi & Chiharu Kobayashi:
Network externalities, competition, and trade: East Asian perspectives
Larry Qiu:
Export, FDI and cross-border strategic alliances
18:00 Reception
Restaurant Sakura, Chair: Fumio Dei

Sunday, July 16, 2006
Time Activities Room 404 Room 405
9:30-10:20 Plenary 2
Presentation Room, 3rd floor

Chair: Jota Ishikawa

10:30-11:00 A Sessions Mitsuyo Ando & Fukunari Kimura:
Fragmentation in East Asia: further evidence
Jota Ishikawa:
Stay or leave? Choice of plant location with cost heterogeneity
11:00-11:30 B Sessions Lelio Iapadre:
Structural factors and competitiveness in international trade
Nobuko Serizawa:
Multinational firm and its operational choice: Inward and outward investment
11:30-11:40 Coffee & Tea
11:40-12:10 C Sessions Baboo Nowbutsing:
Winners and losers in customs unions: an experimental investigation
Ian Wooton & Andreas Haufler:
Competition for firms in an oligopolistic industry: Do firms or countries have to pay?
12:10-12:40 D Sessions Kazunobu Hayakawa:
Home bias for intermediate and
finished goods: evidence from East Asia
Chia-Hui Lu & Pao-li Chang:
On the Magnet Effect of FDI
12:40-14:00 Lunch
14:00-14:30 E Sessions Taiji Furusawa & Edwin Lai:
The election of a present-biased government
Yoshiyasu Ono:
Protective trade policies “reduce” employment: a dynamic optimization approach
14:30-15:00 F Sessions
Toshihiro Ichida:
Occupational choice and compensation for losers from trade
Robert Waschik:
A computable general equilibrium analysis of trade taxes in Australian wool industry
Coffee & Tea
15:20-16:10 Plenary 3
Presentation Room, 3rd floor

Chair: Kazuhiro Igawa
16:10-----> Closing speech: Kazuhiro Igawa. Coffee, Tea, Beer & Home