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Hide-Fumi Yokoo, Kosuke Kawai and Yuki Higuchi (2018)
"Informal recycling and social preferences: Evidence from household survey data in Vietnam"
Resource and Energy Economics, 54, pp.109-124.
[Online Appendix]

Hide-Fumi Yokoo, Maki Ikuse, Aries Roda D. Romallosa and Masahide Horita (2018)
"Job change and self-control of waste pickers: evidence from a field experiment in the Philippines"
Environmental Economics, 9(2), pp.22-35.
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Hide-Fumi Yokoo (2014)
"International aspects of waste management: the waste haven effect on global reuse"
Handbook on Waste Management, Thomas C. Kinnaman and Kenji Takeuchi (eds.), Edward Elgar, Ch.8, pp. 216-237.

Hide-Fumi Yokoo and Thomas C. Kinnaman (2013)
"Global Reuse and optimal waste policy"
Environment and Development Economics, 18(5), pp.595-614.

Thomas C. Kinnaman and Hide-Fumi Yokoo (2011)
"The Environmental Consequences of Global Reuse"
American Economic Review: Papers and Proceedings, 101(3), pp.71-76.

Hide-Fumi Yokoo (2010)
"An economic theory of reuse"
Sustainability Science, 5(1), pp.143-150.

 Working papers

Hide-Fumi Yokoo (2019)
"A model of inequality aversion and private provision of public goods"
[Latest version] [Online Appendix]

Hide-Fumi Yokoo (2009)
"Heterogeneous Firms, the Porter Hypothesis and Trade"
[Discussion paper]

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